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Champion Nemo

French Bulldog, Male

Nemo is Pepper’s son. He got his championship pretty quick. It took him only three months. From the day he was born, I knew that he will be a champ. He was the biggest puppy in the litter. I had people on a wait list at the time for a show puppy. However, I decided not to place him and I am glad I did. He grew into a fine, beautiful boy. He was really easy to train for the show since he is Mr Personality.  He loves people, be around people. He is natural when it comes to a show. He is a very inquisitive boy.

His puppies have the same personalities as him.  He also recently discovered that he can climb some tall baby gates. Well, soon after that, one of the puppy parents ( his puppy) reported to me that she put a very tall baby gate and sure enough, her boy, climbed it. I guess it is “hereditary” :))).

He went by his mother’s footsteps, the same shows as she went two years prior. Interestingly enough, he won the french bulldog speciality, but exceeded his mother and won not only “winners dog”, but also “ best of winners”.

Dog Features
  • Mother Pepper
Awards / Titles
  • AKC Champion