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Breeding For a Better Frenchie



Pedigree Matters 

Frenchie, as we all know, as a man made dwarf breed. It is very important to test the parents. Now days there are a lot of tests available, and the tests are becoming more accurate and better as the years go by and science is getting better as well. By proper testing, a lot of potential problems can be eliminated. Not all of them, of course, but to make a better breed, better puppy, healthier puppy.There are certain tests which are recommended by AKC parent clubs for french bulldogs: hips, patellas, elbows, juvenile cataracts. Those tests are time consuming and, of course, $ consuming. But it is all worth at the end. Generally, all the tests cost around five hundred dollars, including proper submission to OFA.

So, during the process, I got a lot of education. So very well spent money and a better puppy.

You are on the search of the puppy.  In our day and age, there are so many breeders, offering different puppies. Many claim champion pedigrees, some deliberately oppose champions. You see all kinds of things. But pedigree matters and it matters a lot!

People call me and ask “ how much?’, oh, that is to much.  If you are looking for a bargain dog- I am NOT YOUR BREEDER.

Unfortunately, with the popularity of this breed, there are so many “so-called” breeders, who sell a puppy at a bargain price. Once, you have a puppy from such a person, you left the premises- you are on your own!  French bulldog had #6 position in the list of the top ten most popular breeds. There are books written  how to breed bulldogs and be successful and make money. Seriously. Google them.  I hear same stories over and over again from the people who bought the puppies from those so-called “breeders”, so I decided to write this.

Pedigree matters because further you go back, more you can see the history of the dog. The history which is very far may not influence your puppy very much, but it tells the story. Closer  dogs have more influence in a positive or negative way on your puppy.

In order to finish a dog as a champion, the dog has to be evaluated and judged by several different judges at several different shows. In order to win the show, the dog has to have certain physical characteristics, also the dog has to have  a great personality. The temperament of the dog has a lot to do how the dog is raised, trained and also has to do with the ancestors.  The dog which is confident, which walks in to a show ring, like he or she owns it, does not happen overnight. It is not also a result of improper, back yard, or whatever it is called breeding. It takes a skill and it is truly a labor of love to produce such a show dog.  There is no one hundred percent guarantee that Champion will not throw a dog with genetic fault. But the chances are HIGHER that you will get a quality dog , without genetic defects from a reputable breeder than  from some who puppy mills them or buys them from other puppy mills, and imports them into this country. My dogs are born and raised here, I know who is behind them and generations further. I myself usually have grandmother or grandfather of the puppy. I am aware who is further down the pedigree on my dogs.

AKC showing is a very expensive, time consuming adventure. It is very difficult to finish the dog in AKC shows. Not every dog in the pedigree will be a champion, that is normal.

Some breeders claim that they show, when they really do not. It is easy to check. You just need to know the dog’s in question registered name and voila – one call to AKC and you can verify the points or  the title. Also, there is a very useful web site “Info dog” where you can check the dog’s points. But again, you have to know the dog’s registered name in order to be able to do it.  Some breeders will show you the show photos  which were ripped off someone’s site, or the online show magazine.  Do your homework, ask questions, ask registered names, pictures.  You are buying a pet, but you care about the future of your dog. Future comes from the past, from the labor of love. PEDIGREE MATTERS, especially for a pet.