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What is the difference between limited AKC registration and full AKC registration?

Now any decent breeder will tell you how important it is to buy your french bulldog or any other pedigreed puppy from an AKC registered breeder. This ensures you get a fair deal and a healthy genuine pedigreed puppy. It is also important to make sure your puppy is already registered or will be registered with the AKC.

The AKC has two types of registration. A limited registration and a full registration. The AKC in its standards clearly explains the eligibility criteria and other details if these two types of registrations.

A limited registration is when the dog is registered with the AKC but any litters given by that dog will not be eligible to be registered. Limited registration dogs cannot be displayed in or participate in conformation dog shows. Consequently, they can also not be used for breeding by breeders as there would be no market for selling their pups as the pups cannot be registered with the AKC. However such limited registration dogs  can participate in other dog member events like

  • obedience,
  • tracking,
  • hunting,
  • field tracking,
  • herding amongst others.

A limited registration certificate is white with an orange border.

So while a limited registration is great for pet owners whose dogs are not used for breeding puppies for distribution or sale, it’s not what breeders would choose.

A full registration on the other hand is what breeders usually go for.  In such a case the dog has a registration and all puppies in the litter produced by this dog can also be registered. A dog with full registration can compete and take part in all types of different g shows including confirmation and championship dog shows. Naturally, this is the type of registration a breeder would want. A full registration certificate is white with a purple border.

Why does the AKC make this distinction?

AKC gives the breeders the opportunity to control where the puppy is placed–breeding home or just a pet home. I place my puppies in pet homes only. Proof of the litter registration is given when the puppy leaves to a new home. However, the papers are given when I receive a proof of spay or neuter.