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Heat Stroke in French Bulldogs

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Heat Stroke in Frenchies.

Hypothermia is a scientific term which describes an elevation of a body temperature. This  happens due to a trigger such as :

 inflammation in the body or environment.Exposure to high temperature leads to a heat stroke. Heat stroke is a serious condition. I have experienced it with my own frenchie. And that is why I am writing about it.

before that happened to me, I was aware of it, but really thought it will never happen to my dog. And it did. It did not take much of a heat to my french bulldog to overheat. Since then I take it very seriously and always warn people, that it does not take that much!

What happened is that during summer, I left the house for probably about 2 hours. I left my dogs at home and had AC on and went to run errands. I came home to find my french bulldogs in distress: panting, laying on the floor, and just about to become disoriented.

What happened is that we had a power outage, which lasted for about 8 hours. It was not planned outage. It happened due to an accident which led to the damage of the electric pole.

Should if I be gone for longer than two hours, my french bulldogs probably would not be here today.

Since then, I realized how serious it is. I put the security alarm in the house, which also had a temperature control. What is does: when the temperature goes above preset high , which  I normally put

82 degrees, then it sends an alert to your phone and also you receive a phone call from the security company , stating that the temperature had gone up.  Well, it saves lives….

Heat stroke leaves you with a very short time frame for response. Because once it happens- serious damage to organs can occur-or even death.

Dogs do not sweat thru their skin. They release heat by panting, and they sweat thru foot pads and nose.

To be continued….