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Pet Insurance

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Vet Bills are just a part of life. This is one of the things to consider when you adopt french bulldog or any other dog.  How would you pay a vet bill if it is high?  I mean by high- several thousands, some can be in tens of thousands. This is a reality.  I have been asked many times to recommend any of pet insurances. People are becoming more aware and more prepared for the vet bills.

I over the years have come across when the facts when french bulldogs were put down due to inability to pay a vet bill. I have helped some, but in some cases, unfortunately, it was too late.  I, personally, do not understand it and not even able to comprehend how you can value dog’s life in dollars and cents?  But this is a very touchy subject and this is just my own personal opinion. I also have recently spoken to one of the speciality vets, whom I know. he told me that he had a client recently with the vet bill of 28K. It is not a typo, 28K. The dog was saved, went home and continued to have a healthy happy life. That dog had insurance. But how many dog parents will go to that extent to save their family member? that is a million dollar question.

I, myself, have used pet insurance. My personal preference is PetPlan USA because they cover genetics. I currently use Healthy Paws. This insurance is less expensive, covers genetics, has no limit in coverage. The rate goes up every year about 8-10 percent, but it is really a small increase- if you look at the big picture.   For a small fee, every month – you can cover your potential vet bills.  Now days, many pet owners insure their pets.  There are many insurance companies out there. Here is the link to the reviews of pet insurances. I personally found it pretty informative.