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Nutrition For Active Dogs

Nutrition For Active Dogs

For a preface to this article, please review “A New Perspective on Raw Diets for Dogs” by clicking here


Just as human athletes require the proper nutrition in order to have the energy needed to support the rigorous demands of exercise, canines are no different!  It is important to feed your active dog the correct high-fat, high-protein formula to help maximize training and conditioning and to boost metabolism and endurance.

“There’s no doubt about it, diet alone can help change a dog’s athleticism,” says Purina Nutrition Scientist Brain Zanghi, Ph.D. “By Feeding the right food based on an individual dog’s activity level, an owner can improve a dog’s athleticism.”

“Active dogs benefit from an increasing proportion of protein and fat in their daily diet to fulfill their increasing need for calories and the increased protein metabolism that occurs naturally with exercise. Importantly, dogs that regularly consume higher protein and fat food will metabolically prime their muscles and metabolism, which will allow them to better adapt to exercise and have improved exercise endurance.”

It is known that active dogs need more calories from an energy-dense food in order to supply the greater energy that is required to maintain a stable body weight and support the active lifestyle. Dogs that are fed a high-fat food have a better capacity to burn fatty acids and perform at an optimal level.

There are a variety of brands on the market , which are suitable for active dogs. This applies to active french bulldogs too.  This type of dry food also can be combined with raw food feeding as well