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Mounting Behavior in Frenchies. Part I

I have heard many times over the years that males hump more than females. People also chose females over males for that reason as well, as their pets. However, I have seen both: males and females engage in this type of behavior. And there are several reasons for that besides dominance. Mounting and humping in dogs is frequently described as a “dominant” behavior.  It is also very true but at the same time such description strongly oversimplifies the behavior, because there are dogs who just  “air hump”. And “air humping” has several underlying reasons for it.

“Air Humping ”

This type of behavior often seen in dogs which do not have enough socialization or dogs who are unsure of their environment.  More socialization and meeting more dogs may help under these circumstances. But punishing the dog is not going to get you anywhere, because it will just make the stress stronger for the dog and this will push the dog to increase the mounting behavior.

Play is often a way for dogs  to rehearse behaviors and skills which are important to the survival . Biting in play is also a normal behavior from puppy age and all the way to adulthood is to  learn to  control the strength with which they use their teeth when interacting socially with other dogs.Mounting in play  also helps dogs rehearse procreation.

All these observations are based on the dogs : males and females, which are spayed and neutered. Stay tuned for more reasons….