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Chew Toys For Frenchies

Chew Toys For Frenchies





It is very important to chose a right chew for your frenchie. Frenchies have very strong jaws and a lot of times a chew  toy which is suitable fr another breed is absolutely a wrong choice for the frenchie.

For example,using statistics,  VPI pet insurance company paid out 3.5 million dollars to pet owners in one year for foreign body obstructions in animals. This number does not break down the breeds of dogs  which ingested the objects.  But this is a huge number. So I decided to share my own personal experience regarding this issue.

Frenchies like to chew. This is just a fact. I have a 9 year old chewer and I have 4 week old chewers. They all do. Just a fact of life.  This is natural canine behavior and cannot be eliminated by training. It is the responsibility of the parent to supervise and to make a proper choice in regards of a chew toy.

I have used bully sticks and antlers. They are very effective and last a long time. Frenchies like them , however, they are pricey. There are no harmful elements in them such as rawhide and other harmful preservatives.   As for the smoked bones-they do not have preservatives, but frenchies can break them into small pieces, which are sharp and can cause blockage and damage.

I also would like to mention that the chew will distract your puppy from engaging in chewing strange and dangerous objects such as : rocks, sticks, clothing, and things of that sort.  I have personally pulled bolts out of my puppies mouths several times. How did they find them, is still a mystery for me. but they somehow did… Luckily, they did not ingest them.  So since that time, I really make an effort to provide my puppies and adult dogs with enough chews. They get bored as well with the chews and lose interest, so you may consider taking chews away and change the activities and then after some time, like an hour or two, give the chew back. That will interest them for some time. Bully sticks seem to be really the most effective. The pups really like them and dedicate a lot of time chewing them and they ( Bullysticks) last long.

Since a frenchie is a  snub nosed breed- they  have wide mouths and small throats making it too easy for them to “bite off more than they can chew, ” which can lead to

the object often becomes lodged in the back of the throat and never makes it to the stomach or intestines. Watch for repeated gagging  the puppy  tries to swallow the  treat. If this occurs remove the treat immediately.

The ideal scenario for frenchie of any age to chew  for a prolonged period of time before being able to break off small pieces to swallow.

Older  dogs may have missing teeth that prevent them from chewing appropriately and may result in attempts to swallow unchewed portions of the chew. Something to keep in mind.

Puppies, on the other hand, may have not strong enough teeth yet and not enough patience, which will lead to the same result as to attempt to swallow the whole chew. Over the years, I came up with several types of chews I use. Smoked natural pig ears, bully sticks-these are pretty safe and dogs and puppies love it. I have had a great experience with those types of chews. As for the toys, I personally use rope toys and this type of toy . This type is pretty safe, they make noises and puppies love them, as well as adults. It is not easy to destroy them, and even if they do-the material is relatively safe and will not break into pieces, causing damage. Just avoid toys with any plastic parts, rubber parts or fillers what is put inside the soft type of toys.



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