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Past Puppies

Here are the videos of some of my Past Puppies…Enjoy!

Playful Frenchie Pups – Alma and Fonzie

Becky’s Boy – My French Bulldog

Nemo and Bobbito – Two Cute Frenchies

David’s Cute French Bulldog Puppies

Fawn Color Baby French Bulldog Boy

Two Cute Frenchie Pups – Norah and Susan

French Bulldog Breeder’s – Alma’s Girl Puppy – Part 1

French Bulldog Breeder’s – Alma’s Girl Puppy – Part 2

French Bulldog Breeder’s – Alma’s Girl Puppy – Part 3

My Fawn Pied baby boy

Past Puppiesimg_5809

brindle boy Moose, grown up
Princess leah, cream girlcream boy Gunny Fawn with black mask Ellie girl white and fawn pretty boy Pretty cream boy Lui Pretty boy Murraycream french bulldog boy BennySAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Brindle boy Pepper'scream french bulldog femaleGizmo, brindle pied boyFawn sable french bulldog Cescabrindle boy Fred

fawn black mask boy Jean Fawn french bulldog LucaBrindle boy Belchechka puppy Moe, white and brindle french bulldog Fawn , black mask girl Aubreys Spartacus, white and fawn french bulldogSpartacus, white and fawn french bulldog boyFawn French Bulldog Stella Brindle french bulldog boy Brindle boy french bulldog Cream french bulldog puppy Cream french bulldog puppy girl Cream french bulldog puppy boy Cream girl frenchie, my breeding Cream pied frenchie boy Jack, white brindle boy CocoBean, brindle french bulldog girl Pixie, brindle pied french bulldog girl TAZ, cream french bulldog boy Murray, cream frenchie boypied frenchie Gizmo cream male frenchie Lui cream french bulldog male cooper pied male frenchie Boo white french bulldog Kilocream french bulldog male pied french bulldog female cream french bulldog CooperBrindle french bulldog HankChloe, cream frenchie girlcream french bulldog male1 white fawn french bulldog male